We are ThinkSynergy.

A unique Co-work experience in downtown Hartford.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely.”

-Jim Rohn

Community. Creativity. Comfort. Synergy.

Our co-workspace community is located in a 25,000 sq. ft. historic venue called the Cast Iron Building in Hartford, Connecticut.  It is an inspiring, functional combination of classic 18th century architecture and modern design.

As a member of ThinkSynergy, you will have access to our workspace, facility amenities, and our services to grow your business.

You can chose to just use the workspace and facility amenities, combine it with our member services, or only take advantage of our member services.

We offer options beyond anything available today because our mission is to position entrepreneurs for growth.  Whether it’s in the form of providing an inspiring space, or combining that with our services.

Redefining work life balance.

In addition to offering a creative, inspiring co-workspace and business growth services, we also have four 1900 SF gorgeous loft-style apartments available to our members.

Making sure there is a strong balance between your work and your life is simply the new way to work now.

We make it easy to achieve by offering it all in one place.

25,000 square feet

6 apartments

5 offices

25 open desks

1800 built year

7 total floors

ThinkSynergy Amenities

Great Local Community

We’re in the most desirable part of downtown Hartford.

Event Space

We can easily accommodate events, small or large.

Bike Storage

Save the planet. We’ll reward you with free bike storage.

Print & Scan

All members will have access to printing and scanning throughout the facility.

Stylish Lounge

Brainstorm with other like-minded entrepreneurs in an uber inspiring space.

Conference Rooms

Our large, modern conference room is equipped with plug and play multimedia.


All members have access to free high speed internet.

Water & Coffee

Purified water and coffee is readily available.

Community Kitchen

Grab a quick bite or warm up leftovers in our community kitchen.